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Alex On Crypto - Got Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Questions - Starter Guide

Bitcoins Aren't Physical, Despite There Being Many Images Of The Coins

Bitcoins Aren't Physical, Despite There Being Many Images Of The Coins

Can You Explain Bitcoin?

You could describe Bitcoin as an electronic digital type of currency that has no central power like the US government and the Fed Reserve. Whilst the original whitepaper for Bitcoin states that it is a currency, most people just use it as an investment or store of worth. Some people like to invest in it and then sell it many years later for an astronomical price.

What If I Cannot Afford A Whole Bitcoin?

Despite what some individuals assume, you really do not have to purchase a complete coin. Bitcoin can be divided into 8 decimal factors. So you could very well purchase 0.0001 of a coin if you would like. However, most people like the mental sensation of having a full one.

I've Heard About Many People Who Make Large Profits From Bitcoin, How?

The best known method that people today receive income from Bitcoin is using it just like a investment or an equity. They obtain the coin when they consider the cost to be low priced, after which try to sell it at a later date for a larger amount. Basically the same way that people make money on the stock market.

Other techniques people today use BTC to earn a living is by mining Bitcoin. It is the technique whereby brand new Bitcoins are made. Incredibly powerful computer systems work out complex mathematical problems and are gifted new Bitcoins for doing this. This procedure uses up plenty of electric power (which certainly costs lots of money, as you can see on finance magnates), as such the miners have to be certain that they are selling any new Bitcoin at a greater price than it cost to mine them.

People can also choose to take Bitcoin on their online store or physical store. An increasing amount of coffee shops, eateries and hotels are starting to embrace Bitcoin.

Which Company Made Bitcoin?

The inventor of Bitcoin is not know. It was thought up by unknown entity who goes by the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto. It is not known whether it be an individual, an organisation, a male or a female. The Australian Craig Wright once famously claimed that he was Nakamoto, many investigators have proven this to not be true though. It is not necessarily known whether or not Satoshi is going to ever expose himself. In my opinion, I cannot see that happening in my lifetime.

So, I Would Like To Get My Hands On Some Bitcoin, How?

Bitcoin can be purchased a number of different techniques. The most frequent way is through an internet site that is called an currency exchange. One of the best Bitcoin exchanges to use is CoinSpot - you can read a review of CoinSpot on findbitcoinatm.

Individuals have to submit an application, and send through fiat dollars by using bank card, cash transfer or other online payment methods and then exchange that into Bitcoins. Other common alternatives involve meeting personally to swap cash for Bitcoins via several serices. Before using these services, it's best to ensure that you have read the reviews of the person you are meeting with to be sure thay they are safe to do business with.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency ATMs are another way to get your hand on some. They have started getting more and more accessible with hundreds more appearing year after year, in all countries. Bitcoin ATMs enable customers to pop in money and buy bitcoin while some units even permit you to sell off your coins for fiat money. There are many Bitcoin ATM finder sites to check if you have got a Bitcoin ATM in your city.

So Who Decides How Much A Bitcoin Is Worth?

Bitcoin's valuation is determined by the marketplace. If someone would like buy a Bitcoin for $2000, then simply that is exactly what its value is. It's precisely the same if somebody was to sell off a property. If he or she only wanted to sell the property for $200,000, and then an individual purchases it at that amount, that is generally what it is really worth.

The people who mine Bitcoin have also have an effect on the value, as mentioned before, it really does not appear sensible to let go of the Bitcoin for lower than what it cost them in electricity for the Bitcoins to be mined.

I Heard That Bitcoin Is Easy To Hack?

While you might have heard about individuals and their Bitcoin getting hacked, it is never the Bitcoin per se that was hacked. It generally is rather their exchange, email account or online wallet which have been accesses and the BTC moved out. To this day, Bitcoin has never been hacked, which means that none of them have ever been counterfeit. This is just one of the many great features of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin over traditional government-backed money.


I really hope that has assisted you to learn some common Bitcoin queries. I will definitely be doing another article of these in the future. If you have an pressing query, please email us or go to the contact page!

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